Peace is an Offering is a book about all the ways kids and adults alike can find peace in their schools and neighbourhoods in small acts of kindness— from offering ‘a muffin or peach, to a ‘kiss on the cheek.’ The poetic text and airy illustrations by Brooklyn artist, Stephanie Graegin, show us that peace is all around, if you just look for it.

A list of small lessons, that when added up, have a great impact…”
Peace is an Offering is ‘affecting and heartfelt.’ Kirkus Review

Peace is an Offering is a ‘beautiful book.’ …
“(It’s) a wonderful way to remind not just children but yourself of the wonderful things that do and can exist in this world. The art is brilliant…. I urge you to purchase this. Give it as a gift and buy another one for yourself. This book will make you happy. I know it made me smile.”
The Book Wars: (Nafiza Azad)

Circle Of Cranes

Circle of Cranes is a story of a young Chinese orphan who discovers that she belongs to an ancient Sisterhood, the Crane Women Clan.

Circle of Cranes. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin Group, 2012.
ISBN 978-0-8037-3443-2 (bound novel)

(Circle of Cranes) … should interest a wide readership seeking interesting characters, substantive content, and a touch of folklore.  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

Circle of Cranes by Annette LeBox is a story that might not appeal at first glance
― but look again ― this book is a wonderful story.  It’s a combination of realistic fiction, mythology and fairytale.  … This book is contemporary in setting (the actual events only took place twelve years ago) and the characters are wonderfully created.  From the good/bad boy that Suyin falls in love with and her childhood friend Shan-Shan to the evil Lao and Sister Sharktooth, the characters become real people that the readers will either love or despise.
Pamela Kramer, The Chicago Examiner Rating: 5 stars

(Circle of Cranes) has strong curricular value with concise and accessible explorations of labor politics, exploitive economies, and global immigration issues; in addition, the information about heritage crafts and feminine subcultures in China is fascinating.  The thread of female solidarity and friendship is a significant appeal factor, giving the book a great deal of warmth, and readers will be gratified that Suyin and her compatriots achieve their dreams despite the odds.
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, University of Illinois

Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek tells of a journey of a wild coho from her birth stream to the sea and back.

Salmon Creek. Toronto: Groundwood Press, 2002.
ISBN 0-88899-644-6 (paperback)

“Salmon Creek is a rare information book, one that engages the head and the heart.”’ Lian Goodall.

“Salmon Creek is a ‘too good to miss’ picture book, as beautiful as it is informative.” CM Magazine Manitoba Library Association

“Amazing what can be learned by a well-researched story and an inventive writer. It is non-fiction at its best … it teaches while providing a memorable story. ” The Guide

“Salmon Creek is a wonderful resource for children interested in the natural world and students studying Pacific Salmon.” Storytime Standouts

“Annette LeBox’s poetic yet scientifically accurate text and Karen Reczuck’s shimmering illustrations offer young readers a lesson in ecology and a moving story of the natural world.” Good Reads

Wild Bog Tea

Wild Bog Tea is the story of a young boy and his grandfather and their relationship to a wild and beautiful bog.

Wild Bog Tea. Toronto: Groundwood Press, 2001.
ISBN 9780888994066 (bound)
0-88899-406-0 (paperback)

“a sensitive inter-generational tale” School Library Journal, New York

“young readers … will relish the sense of a wild magical place where plants swallow insects and tall birds dance.” Quill and Quire

“It is not hard to find a story that links a beloved grandparent with a familiar place, but Wild Bog Tea has an elegance and rarity in its very precise geographical and botanical focus that sets it apart. Harvey Chan’s illustrations –– red pencil on brown paper, with some rice paper collage have made this picture book a work of art, perhaps to be appreciated as much by adults as by children. … This isn’t simply the story of a beloved memory, but the depiction of many facets, the many inhabitants, that give an ecosystem its character and life –– a beautiful and unusual accomplishment for the age group.” Diedre Baker, The Toronto Star

Miracle At Willowcreek

Miracle of Willowcreek tells of a feisty young girl who takes a stand against developers who threaten to destroy the home of a small flock of Sandhill cranes.

Miracle at Willowcreek. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1998.
ISBN 1-894549-47-3 (paperback novel)

“Miracle at Willowcreek is a remarkable story told with sensitivity, humour and passion; it challenges the reader to consider our ethical relationship to wild creatures. Having studied and helped cranes for thirty-two years, I can emphathize with Tess and her friends who took a stand to protect cranes and their wetlands.” George Archibald, Director, International Crane Foundation

“… a real treat for nature lovers.” Quill and Quire

“This captivating novel will enthrall and enlighten.” Jacket Flap

“B.C.’s LeBox writes with great love and precise observation of this remarkable area, making the hatching and raising of a sandhill crane an event of excitement and interest.” The Toronto Star

“Miracles do happen –– thanks to the ingenuity and perseverance of the determined young girl in this wonderful book, Miracle at Willowcreek. … Besides identifying strongly with the natural world and its animal inhabitants, the girls in this book lean to grasp the strength of the spirit within themselves, to work hard towards a goal, stand up for what they believe in, and above all, to trust in their instincts and intellect.” St. John’s Newfoundland Evening Telegram

The Princess Who Danced With Cranes

Princess Vivian almost loses her beautiful marsh and beloved cranes until she realizes that she and the villagers can help save the flock.

The Princess Who Danced With Cranes. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1997.
ISBN 0-929005-87-2 (paperback)

“Environmental tales and books with feminine heroines are in constant demand. So are good stories. The Princess Who Danced with Cranes is all three.” Canadian Book Review Annual: Connecting Classrooms, Libraries & Canadian Learning Resources

“A beautiful fable for readers under nine. The Princess Who Danced With Cranes reminds young people of the fragility of nature.” Goodreads

Miss Rafferty’s Rainbow Socks

Miss Rafferty’s Rainbow Socks is a magical story of an intergeneration friendship and the rewards of sharing and caring.

Miss Rafferty’s Rainbow Socks. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1996.
ISBN 00-00-224372-5 (bound)
ISBN 0-00-648148-5 (paperback)

“This story of love never sacrifices its buoyancy, and Heather Holbrook’s bright and breezy pictures could have been rendered by a leprechaun. Everything dances: Winnie and Miss Rafferty, the sun and moon, and even the smoke rising out of the chimneys on a star-filled night.” The Vancouver Sun

“This is a story about celebrating life, and the book not only espouses this principle but embodies its spirit.” Quill and Quire

Miss Rafferty’s Rainbow Socks is a splendid picture book.” Canadian Book Review Annual