‘A list of small lessons, that when added up, have a great impact…”
Peace is an Offering is ‘affecting and heartfelt.’ Kirkus Review

Peace is an Offering is a ‘beautiful book.’ …
“(It’s) a wonderful way to remind not just children but yourself of the wonderful things that do and can exist in this world. The art is brilliant…. I urge you to purchase this. Give it as a gift and buy another one for yourself. This book will make you happy. I know it made me smile.”
The Book Wars: (Nafiza Azad)

“If childhood always resonated with Annette LeBox’s gentle verses, and invitingly resembled Stephanie Graegin’s multi-culti world, who would ever want to grow up? And even if the book is printed with “Dial Books for Young Readers,” no reason for us old folks not to give this precious little charmer a regular perusal, too. Regardless of age, in our hurry-up, don’t look back, gotta-do-one-more-thing, so-called modern world, LeBox and Graegin remind us all to practice peace: to slow down, be kind, and enjoy the innumerable little gifts that come our way.”
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Peace is an Offering contains a strong message about what the abstract concept of peace means for young (and old): helping one another, being kind, joining together, and enjoying all aspects of life with respect to your family, friends and neighbors…
The poem is beautifully written and illustrated. Children will easily understand each deftly visualized line or verse of the poem… I loved every aspect of every spread. The poetry speaks to the heart. Pencil and watercolor illustrations have those details I rave about. Simple put Peace Is An Offering is a joy to read.”

“Peace is an Offering is a prayer, a meditation, and a hope for a better world. Yet, it goes beyond simply crossing our fingers and presenting a ‘nice idea’ with giving children real things that they can do for themselves and each other. When you take small things like giving a kiss, saying nice things to each other, and keeping a person company and then frame it in the bigger context of making the world a better place- you get a picture book that is gently motivating and enlightening for children and adults alike.”
The Picture Book Review

“Award-winning author Annette LeBox makes a peace offering in her seventh book for children with a deceptively simple poem that spreads the message of attainable and shareable peace… LeBox demonstrates that peace comes through sharing time, patience and kindness, especially when loved ones are gone. LeBox manages to evoke 9/11 in a touching scene where she writes “And even in the wake of tragedy, even then, you might find her. In the rubble of a fallen tower. In the sorrow of your darkest hour.”

Adults will understand the reference even if children don’t, especially with Stephanie Graegin’s pencil and watercolor illustration of a family sitting on a park bench looking out on New York City. This volume’s sweet words nurture tender seeds of love and friendship, showing what wonderful fruits kindness can bear. “
Review by Literary Kids by Literary Features Syndicate

“Annette LeBox is a poet, a naturalist and author of Circle of Cranes. In this heartfelt poem about living in peace in everyday life, she focuses on a community of children who cherish and look after each other. The little ones in these stories convey peace as an offering, holding on to another, the words you say to a brother, and more places and activities. Peace is a joining, not a pulling apart. It’s the courage to bear a wounded heart.” The simple but elegant illustrations of Stephanie Graegin nicely complement the text.” Spirituality and Practice