The premier says betcha, learned that schtick from Sarah Palin,

sitting in a helicopter shooting wolves, she ordered a wolf cull

in BC, gave the go-ahead for poison and shooting, likes to

emulate her American sister in the hood of the U.S. of A.


It’s about pretending to be working class, wearing a waitress cap

and a school girl smile and those in-your-face hard hats showing

the world you’re good for business, that LNG will save us,

(pay off our debts, get us outa hawk) forgetting the old adage,

‘don’t place all your eggs in one basket.’


Never mind, your mantra’s jobs, jobs, jobs,

so what if the arctic’s thawing and the forests are burning,

just keep jawin’ and chirpin’ with your cheerleader smile.


Too bad Om the Bridge ruined your chance to sport your brand

new Lululemon Yoga pants from Chip, the ones that no longer pill

(not even for chicks with fat thighs) how pretty you would’a looked,

how you could’a killed three birds with one stone, downplayed

Aboriginal Day and your ties to Big Pharm and the fired researchers

as you rocked your Downward Dog in the photo op.

Front page in The Vancouver Sun, eyes wide, face serene,

whispering Namaste with the yoga lovers.